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5 octobre 2012 5 05 /10 /octobre /2012 18:48

After seeing the EU citizens saving their banks, they have to put another effort for patching up all the economic collapse which was never been their fault. The major issue is that globalization of manufacturing which allowed their industry to flee their countries for poor countries where Unions had no power. This means that all the goods we are buying come from countries where people are paid slavery salaries and cannot defend their rights. 


The people in Europe are well educated and see the fraud. The fraud is the one of having to reimburse the debt. They demonstrate against all this economic mess and still the result is that those right wing governments are still not doing anything about this problem since they are supported by banksters and investors only interested in their profit. The left wing governments are often plagued by corruption and fear of action since they will never get a good review from the media. Even the majority of anglo-saxon media are sold to the big picture of having the EU people going into poverty and misery.  


It is normal that they demonstrate their disapproval. They are not sheep. 


But, the governments will not do anything and then some extreme right organizations will be sending trained rioters (often armed and transported by some police) to discredit the demonstration movements so that these same non-listening governments can be justified to juggle violence which is not really coming from the protesters themselves. But this is a good opportunity to arrest all the good people wishing for a better world. These guys become political prisoners of "big brother" regimes. I am not for violence whatsoever and I even condemn it fully because this always leads to more chaos and innocent victims. But demonstration is what is left to little people resisting and manifesting their disapproval.


If a government cannot insure the happiness of its citizens and it wishes to steal from them or let some rich privileged brokers to steal from the little people, you have no choice to become oppressive and authoritarian. This is what is happening in Europe. The wealthiest have the decided to take more from Europe and throw more people into poverty. UK is no better then the others, it is just that their people does not seem to demonstrate as much but the destruction started during Tatcher times when she did let the industry flee away. 


Where will it stop ? When human rights are respected. 


The same that were never well respected in the USA, Russia or even Saudi Arabia. 


I feel very sad when I see what is happening in Europe and I know Canada is the next on the list. 

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Published by Luc Rolland
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