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4 janvier 2010 1 04 /01 /janvier /2010 11:44

Ladies and gentlemen

we would all like to live in a drug free world, no addiction I mean.

Can we have an honest debate about this one ?

I have nothing against alcohol and hashish. They are not very bad and they allow some many people to have a good time together. 

And I will teach my kids to drink and smoke early so they learn how to behave properly and enjoy themselves.

But alcohol can lead to violence. That is the main problem with this drug.

And like it or not, it is a drug since it is just like any other psychotrope product : it does modify the brain´s response. See the report on that made by the BBC with the help of professinals.

My experience of France or Spain has shown that people can be very reasonable with the smooth drugs like alcohol and also grass. However, my experience of the UK cities after 10 o´clock tends to push me towards the ban of alcohol. Why is it that in anglo-saxon countries, people want to get drunk to the point of being sick and agressive ? Why is it that we do not see that in other western countries or even in the francophone part of Canada ? Why do they need to get drunk to that point ? A social problem which need strong social response from our governments (but they do not beleive in that in the USA). The problem is not with alcohol itself. Thinking that making it illegal will prevent the real underlying problems is just magic thinking without any scientific ground.

When can we start talking sensibly about this issue ?

In order to get real justice, we have to find a solution based on truth, not what our politicians think is the right way to deal with law enforcement (where everyone becomes too often silent being afraid of the police, there is one name for this sense of shame pushed on us : infantilization). 

Maybe this will be impossible with puritains around ? The same people who want to carry a gun to defend themselves and invest their fortunes in weapon companies…

The problem is addiction which also comes when you have these people who do extreme sports or others play those games for money either on the internet or in casinos.

Is it possible to get rid of it with crime fighting ? NO, not at all.

The more you make drugs illegal, the more you favor organized crime and its attractiveness in our youth. That is is the paradox of mankind always attracted by what is forbidden. It is even more true in countries where the nasty part of life is over fantasized. Thanks again to the anglo-saxon approach which sees something dirty in making love and considers that you cannot show that to our kids whereas you can show them many people getting assassinated. The worst part about illegal drugs is that these bastards offer poor quality with deadly chemicals. However, Holland´s experience show the strength of their approach where the government runs shops which can offer quality products, designed and monitored to produce less damage.

But it is the problem with that famous USA again (which we cannot corner):
not being able to eat, drink and prepare high quality foods, drinks or even drugs with top quality ingredients ? If you eat margarine, GMOs and eat at MacDonnald´s but fight drugs, you then have a consistency problem.

If you make drugs legal under the umbrellas of controlled areas, you are going to get rid of organized crime and all its related corruption which have been plaguing our governments.

Then, prevention through proper education of people learning where to find happiness will do it.

In profundis, this is an issue of having enough time to educate our kids. Again USA does not offer the example : not enough vacations and free time so we can take care of them. And this is spreading to other countries as we have outsoruced everything to China. Most of us live like crazy managers who have no time for their family and neighborhood.

It is time to talk about the effective way to get rid of drug addiction and all its related violence. I am becoming very tired of all the lies.

But as we get more and more stressed by more work to do,  we jhave no choice to rely on drugs to release the tensions and be back to work. Are we then forced to become addicted because it is another way to have very lucrative industries  to flourish ? These are often made illegal just to increase profit margins.

Do we live in true democraties where the truth can win ?

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Published by Luc Rolland
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