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24 septembre 2015 4 24 /09 /septembre /2015 18:24


I do not want free health care; I want afordable health care for everyone. The best way to do it is still Universal Health Care managed by the government, paid from income taxes.


I do not want all services for free to satisfy my pleasures; I want a society where we have access to all the required services to live a good life. This means to have the government identify and manage all the essential services and make sure everyone are entitled. This means that the government will pass laws which keep those affordable and this means finding enough income taxes to pay for it.


I do not want education to be only useful, meaning sold to the sole interests of companies; I want education that fosters citizens, curious minds and the sense of initiative. I want education that values knowledge in all its forms: arts, sciences, music, history, philosophy, theology, etc


I do not want religion to be controling people to become well-behaved courtisans of the authority. I want religion to construct a world based on Love of the neighbour. This means people can have the full freedom of deciding the best way to love and to related to each other.


I do not want money for doing nothing; I want to have a good job that pays for a normal lifestyle.

The best way is to make sure the minimum wage is sufficient to live in a metropolis like Paris, London, New York City or Tokyo. This means working between 35 and 40 hours a week so I can take car of my family and my community.


I do not want businesses to be unprofitable. I want a liberal system which easily allows me to start my own activity to earn well with it. This means to be able to pay their fair share of taxes and be left enough time to become profitable.


I do not want big corporation to rule to world. I want a political system that protects us from monopolies and the corruption which usually follows. I want those corporations out of the regulatory and political process. I want them accountable for all their acts and this means criminally as well.


I do not want five cars, two yachts and a private jet. I want to live in a world that does not destroy itself with the wrong transportation choices. A rich country is a country that convinces its wealthy people to use mass transportation and a poor country is a country that forces its poor people to buy a car. This means investing in the infrastructures that provide for good afordable efficient rapid transportation where we can still share the planet.


I do not want election where I always get the result I want; I want my vote to count.


I do not want government that does everything I want or make their own decisions according to a secret agenda; I want a government that foster debates on all subjects, defend what the people need and can be made accountable.


I do not want the middle-class or the wealthiest people to pay for everything; I want everyone to pay their fair share.

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Published by Luc Rolland
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